Please note that these tours should be booked and confirmed prior to your arrival.

  • Guided Cave Tour (approx. 5 hours):
    You will need gloves, dusk mouth masks, headlights. You will get dirty and you should be fit. The hike itself is challenging and the Cave is even more. Crawling and abseiling is required.
    Minimum 30 OMR for 2 person; thereafter 8 OMR p.P.
  • Abandoned Village (approx. 3-6 hours):
    Guided medium challenging hike to an old abandoned village which is at the bottom of the valley and was used during the hot summer months.
    Minimum 25 OMR for 2 person, thereafter 8 OMR p.P.
  • The Village on the Cliff (Free for guests only):
    The village on the right of The Cliff Café, is still being used by the villagers. Please do not enter when the gate is closed or you see the local women. Please ask village men for permission.
    Free for guests only.

Never leave on any of these tours alone / without a local guide. You might get lost or injured. Always take enough water and snacks with you!

Nevertheless if you see one of the villagers, you can check if you are able to arrange for the tour with him or any other member as well.


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